Homeowners, landlords and tenants all need insurance to protect themselves from accidents, mishaps and the unexpected. Depending on your circumstances it may be advisable to consider additional insurance protection too, such as income or mortgage life protection, or specialist cover for landlords or tenants.

Our team will be happy to refer you to a trusted independent financial advisor who can discuss your discuss your insurance protection requirements in more detail. 

Insurance is there to protect you, your belongings and your property if something happens. With luck you will never need it, but having the right cover will give you peace of mind.

If you are buying a home you will need buildings and contents insurance to protect it from damage to the structure and permanent fixtures, and theft or damage to your belongings.

You may also need additional protection, either as a condition of your mortgage agreement or for added peace of mind.

Income protection, critical illness cover, life insurance and other products may be advisable to ensure you can afford to keep up mortgage repayments if you are unable to work. Tenants too will need contents insurance and may also be interested in other protection to ensure rent payments can always be made.

Renting a property can provide income and an investment for the future.

However, there are additional risks when you become a landlord and for these you need landlord insurance. Typically, landlord insurance will include building and contents insurance, protecting your investment while tenants are resident in your property.

You may also like to explore policies that offer protection against loss of rent while your property is empty, and personal liability in case of injury.

HomeLet Insurance
We strive to ensure that we’re providing our customers with information on the most relevant products and services which is why we’ve partnered with HomeLet, who provide a comprehensive range of insurance products and services specially designed to protect tenants and landlords.

Insurance for Tenants

HomeLet’s Contents Insurance Incorporating Tenancy Liability protects your belongings and your liability as a tenant too!

  • £50,000 of cover for your contents as standard.
  • £10,000 of Tenancy Liability cover.
  • 10% increase in cover during special occasions.
  • Replacement locks and keys.

Insurance for Landlords

When you cover your property with HomeLet, you could benefit from…

  • Up to £500,000 rebuild value as standard.
  • A 90-day no restriction in cover when your property’s empty between tenancies.
  • £5m property owners’ liability and £10m employers’ liability for extra reassurance.


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