We believe that our clients should receive a realistic and free valuation, whether you are looking to sell or let your property. Our valuation team has excellent local knowledge and market experience and is ideally placed to give you a fair valuation of your property.


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We understand that you wish to get the best price for your property but we won’t over-inflate to persuade you to sign up with us. Instead we will provide you with a realistic valuation and then work hard to exceed expectations.

We also offer advice on how to increase your chances of selling or letting your property, whether you require a quick sale or let, or wish to get the maximum value for it.

With our broad local knowledge across all price ranges we know the Dunstable housing market intimately and are best placed to explore it with you.

With so much speculation about the housing market the question you will most want answered is, ‘what’s it worth.’

We will explore this with you, providing tangible evidence based on comparable properties in the area and ones that have sold or been let in recent months.

We will also explain external factors that may affect the price such as seasonal trends or the current economic climate.

Our aim is to provide you with a realistic valuation that helps you make the important decisions about selling or letting your property.

Whilst many properties we see are ready to go onto the market, there may be things that you could do to improve its’ desirability. Our team are happy to advice you on ways to make your property more attractive to the right buyer or tenant. We can offer helpful tips and advice to enhance the value of a property or to make a better first impression for viewings.


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